Tuesday, November 28, 2006

when you think someone is pregnant but..

Have you ever came across a scene whereby you are unsure whether the lady is pregnant or she's just plain BIG. And it made you observe and think for few uncomfortable minutes?

I was commuting back from work and it was no surprise that the train cramped with people. I managed to get in and stand for the next few stops before someone infront of me disembarked. i was not feeling that well yesterday. I was actually full equiped with lotsa things in my hands, with my mac on my left hand (in that so not appropriate bag mengkuang as proclaimed by someone! It felt so heavy! the button and the handle almost came off!), and my big handbag on my shoulder(with everything from lipstick to my external drive!). Not forgetting that thick STAR newspaper on my other hand (i wish they remove some crappy news and make it less thick!) I had no room to hold the pole! Getting a seat is a rare occasion and exactly what i am looking forward to each time. I released a loong sigh after getting the seat!

I was reading the newspaper to kill that long torturing moment. And after one stop few people disembarked and gave room for this one lady to stand in front of me. At a glance she looked big. Not too big but can be considered plum. I peeped as i flipped the sheets. It was like 6 more stops to go (another 20-25 mins before i reach my stop). I might faint, fell or stumble in that long duration. Ohh, i hate the feeling of guilt. People sitting around me didn't give a damn. On my right sleeping like no ones' business swaying her head to the rythm, and the one on my left was talking on HIS cell with his girlfriend.. (i'm not trying to bang my own roots, but there are lack of local gentlemen around nowadays!) Ouh!! It feels bad to bear that guilt but of course i was not that fit enough to stand with stuffs and gears in my hands (i look like a spend-thrift shopaholic shopping for christmas!).

It came back to my contemplation bubble, if i offer her a seat and for the fact that she's not pregnant, would it be an offend because indirectly she might think i'm trying to convey that she looks fat. But the fact is, none intended. And second thought, hell no, not giving this seat for free to someone who doesn't deserve it! (my selfish heart said that!) I let that contemplation be with analysis and ponder for quite a mo. (hey, thats cheating! Actually I was giving myself more time to sit and giving this not so gentleman a chance to prove my perception was wrong). But i was actually right.. about almost everything. Yes, local men are not gentle enough and yes, she's pregnant. I guess about 3-4 months. So my kindself decided to be the lifesaver of the bay, and this warrior princess is trying to seize her day.. I stood up and offer the pregnant indian lady my seat. The story ain't stop here.. let me have my breakfast and I will continue this blog later...


I'm back.. Kak Rofi's(the tea-lady) mee goreng is da bomb! Okay, back to my train story.. I was tired, not feeling well, drained, drowsy and equipped with bags and stuffs. But i felt good to offer my seat to that pregnant lady. She smiled sincerely and was struggling to squeeze herself towards the seat before one skinny pengkid grabbed the seat without any sense of guilt on her face. That just boils my temperature up! HELLLLOOOO i am not going to let this sweat and tears drop for nothing. This sacrifice is meant to a more deserving someone. I ain't gonna let it happen.. with a firm gesture i point her shoulder and politely said "This seat is for this pregnant lady.." I felt like a gentleman rescuing a beautiful lady and it became a scene for a few seconds. (sometimes its essential for a girl to have a male sense in herself and it works vice versa too!) The lady who slept like no one's business suddenly woke up, and the guy who talks on the phone with her gf hung up. I hope i gave a right perception to them and i hope they will be a lil more sensitive with the surrounding. Well, what more can i ask than having this satisfaction of looking at the sincere, relief smile on the pregnant lady's face, a blush and guilt on the selfish people's face sitting beside me and to give a good lesson to that pengkid lady!

..life feels great if you make the world a better place to be.

shot was taken on my way back from work. I ain't feel tired anymore.
That sourmilk sky turned my sour day into a smile.


looksharp said...


Cantik sunset....nice combination color..between yellow and bluish,....Gambar kucing tu I shot gune FZ30 plus Olympus teleconveter...sebab nak dapat nice bokeh...practice bokeh lagi pun dr jarak jauh kucing tu posing natural..:-)

Utk D80 i dah dapat 50mm..mmng sharp....suke dgn f1.8 bile low light..very useful,kan lagi best kalau dapat f2.8 70-200mm...hehehe

marshmallow said...

i tgh mengumpul duit untuk that 2.8 lense gak....