Friday, November 17, 2006

Powerman Series - The Entree'

getting antsy.. 3..2..1..

benny vansteelant

the sib - jorie vansteelant


ryan mendoza..

erm.. are you okay?

no, melody is not cuddling and having an affair..

can someone please call the paramedic!

not looking really good there.. hang on!

takashi nakata! give me the victory pose!

can't believe you actually catch up. I guess the bike likes him!

do i see a "lil" tummy there?

just seconds away..did you toss a coin with shahrom?

that cheeky smile of dino. eleh, buat muka cute la tu..err..

florian wagner


you takde towel color pink ke?



ni namanya urat dawai, tulang besi!

selain 100+ saya juga minum power root tongkat ali!

the trio champ!

he looks like he's flying..

abang hamid.... misai maintain!

ahhhh thiam...


zebrallini said...


Amir EtCetera said...

I realise Malakoff loves all this Marathon stuffs.. right?

I would suggest them to sponsor our Annual Nuang Challenge.. the mountain climbing marathon..

marshmallow said...

in that case, you gotta drag the ceo first!

Asyraf Lee said...

This is a good photo :)