Thursday, November 16, 2006

Powerman appetizers..

Oh, i have tonnes of job to be done.. but some already asking me about the photos. I won't let you guys down. Click thumbnails for larger peep. These are some teasers.. the real action will be loaded soon. So stay tuned yeah?

tembikai, RFID and such!

didn't i mention the view was great?

hmmm... sexy bike benny!

RFID that betrayed us!

mommy powerman to be. You go girl!!

awea oh awea.. i know you hated that patatas! gimme a better pose!


give me the smile, dino! (gayut ngan awek ke?)

hmm..bila la nak pakai lense ni.. jealous BIG time!

i don't know why i shot this.. but something caught my eye. presenting.. the fanciest duathlete!

the one and only.. adelle. you rock!!

kristof, and a friend.. and who's that at the back? ah thiam!
i can be a good stalker too!

and mary, you're gonna faint to see this!

okay, lets zoom in a lil bit more!

okay, lets zoom out a lil bit. Sorry mary! (look at the hand.. the hand!)


bola2api said...

tersesat lak gambar aku seketul..

nakata is cute laa.. n photogenic..

(n selalu enter frame hehehe)

PrincessRen said...

argghghhhh.. hahahahahah.. sakit perut tgk ko punyer komen.. funny that we kinda hv the same taste.. kita tgk who we gonna stalk in the next race. hehe...

Gary said...

Marshmallow: Great shots of the race day! By far the nicest yet i have seen. Hope you will share it more with you readers / Powerman enthusiast. Thanks to Bola2Api for sharing the link to your blog. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

hello there *waves*

gary sent me the link to your blog, as i too am a photography enthusiast like you!

you've got reaaaally nice pics here and i love the post-processing that you've done on some of your pics! something i'm still struggling with :p

keep up the good work!

happy shooting :)

marshmallow said...

hi anna.. (i assume)

thanx for dropping by and enjoying the pics! its good to know more female photograhy enthusiasts like you and me!

have a great weekend and happy shooting too!

marshmallow said...

hi gary! glad to know u enjoyed the pics! more powerman pics to come. Keep on swinging by..

marshmallow said...

mary... saja je nak sakat kau.. but do you agree if i say nakata looks better without his glasses? but looks wayyy tooo goood with his shades!

Anonymous said...

hi marshmallow... thats what I called photos! Camera apa you guna? I pun kena refresh skill balik, gamba hampeh je sumer. Major K

marshmallow said...

hello major.. its good to hear from you. how was your 20D? I'm using D80.