Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It was a fine day..

It was a good Saturday i might say.. The weather was good. And as scheduled, I went for an outdoor photoshoot. The best time to shoot outdoor is in the morning and evening. Alas, it was already noon and the sun was right above our head. The bright sunny sky gave us some challenge as it casts shadows. Now i know the importance of White Balance and EVs in producing a more "balanced" image. The system is not clever enough to decide, so its the photographer's job to be able to know whats best and force the system to work accordingly. (ceh.. cakap berabuk je.. macamle pro!). These are some shots i managed to capture. Not much due to blood sucking mosquitoes.. We weren't there to give free food or donate our blood to them. I'd stay longer but i had to follow the group! By the way, we had so much fun!!

[click here for more photos]

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