Tuesday, November 21, 2006

My first model photoshoot.

I had my first model portfolio photoshoot. Everyone has been misunderstood when i said this to my friends. No I was not being shot but I photographed those models for their portfolios. Event held at Times Square Hotel. I was a little nervous in the very beginning. They might be as nervous as I am. So, i took a deep breath.. relax and act very profesional. The first few shots were so stiff and i tried building up the chemistry and treat them like my close buddy. Come on! This is what I've been wanting to do all my life. I can do better than that!! I'm imagining myself being Janice Dickinson choreographing models on the set. But of course I was not as loud as her! After a while it get so hot in here.. don't ask what happened! (hehheheh.. no we didn't burn the hotel... yet!) Check out my very first model photoshoot HERE.

ps: traci, you gotta see them. This is what you've been wanting me to do and this is what i want to do! Wish you were here!


irina said...

Good work!!!

Amir EtCetera said...

hey... it's a dream comes true. Take one step at a time.. and eventually you'll reach there in no time.

Anonymous said...

Wow.. u really gotta get me on one of your photo shoots..

I like the photo on the bed with the model in that akward curl.. :-P

looksharp said...

Best ...marvelous....superb ligthing..:-)