Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Security ALERT!!!!!!

I came across a suspicious email this morning. Remember i blogged about being phished? My whole Yahoo! account was hacked by a whanker!! Lost all my contacts and YM account. It made me look like a woman encountering continuous PMS for quite some time. Glad i managed to get it back!

I ain't gonna let it happen again. This time its trying to intrude my PayPal account! Check out this email.. i had a strange feeling when i clicked the link:

[click thumbnail for larger]

I tried to open another window, typed Paypal in Google toolbar and it linked me to official Paypal site. Tried to make a comparison with these 2 links. Everything looks the same, so does the contents.. but i noticed one thing. Check this out:

[click thumbnail for larger]

A secured link should contain a simple domain, with https. And take note, only release your password on a secured website especially when it deals with monetary transactions.

I contacted PayPal security service, reported the error and sent it to spoof email. And people.. this is what you SHOULD do. Protect your privacy!

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click here on how to detect spoof(fake) emails.

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