Sunday, October 01, 2006

Nnnaaaakkk jugakk!!

The next thing on my list.. I want! I want!
Whats so special about this bag?

more at crumpler.


Anonymous said...

i WANT one toooo!!!! :)

marshmallow said...

who's that anonymous?

Anonymous said...

me.irina. :)

zeti said...

whoa...i'll see about that cay..

i'll be off to check it out for ya this weekend!!

by the way..irina..i haven't tried krispy kream yet!!! maybe this weekend gak la!! hahaha its just along side my place at collins st ni kan? hehe

marshmallow said...

thanx a bunch zeti.. i tried krispy kreme kat harrods. yummy!!!! if you're sucker for sweet stuffs you'll love it..

waiting for the your crumpler price review patiently here.. heheheh...

zeti said...

here's a quick price list from the crumpler aussie website- so that's the retail price over here for ur info..

but i'm gonna haggle ..or asked how low they can go..

The 4 Million Dollar Home is at au$85 whilst The Whickey And Cox is at au$300

with the current rate of 1.00 AUD = 2.73666 MYR
rm233 and rm821 respectively..

how much is it selling in Msia?

zeti lagi said...

yeke? krispy kreme tu mcm too sweet je kan? i'm not into doughnuts tp nak try la jugak...hahaha..persetankan calorie!! hahahaha

marshmallow said...

persetankannnn!! muahahah *evil grin* calorie makes u happy sometimes.

bola2api said...


mcm best jer beg ni. harus angkat seketul ini macam..


marshmallow said...

angkuuut.. jangan tak angkuut.. ada 3-4 colors.. you should try.. support gile.. tak berat and it protects!