Sunday, October 08, 2006

Partner in Crime.

saturday.. that was. its been too long since i did shopping with lisa. The last time i can remember was before we went to jakarta... and when was that?

she wanted to do some raya shopping.. and some girl's stuffs. I have nothing specific in mind. I don't think i'm gonna celebrate raya as i used to. To me raya this year is just like any other days. I'm just looking forward for the fact that i don't have to commute to work and walk the same route every working day. I was eyeing for the crumpler bag i make fuss about.

We went to the 3rd floor and i tried on the 4 mil dollar home. It seems that it couldn't fit my camera in and i'm definitely gonna have to consider 5 mil onwards. 5mil has perfect room for my dSLR + external flash + 1 lense (perhaps can fit in another prime lense). The price was not that bad.. RM269 i reckon. I think the price is slightly higher in Aussy. Couldn't help it but to try that Whickey & Cox too! My god.. guess i'm gonna have to consider this one too. Perfect room for my mac + toys. Lisa kinda interested to get the bag for her laptop too. I seriously recommend anyone who is getting a bag for their gears. Take note.. KLCC (3rd Floor - end wing)

Being a woman, we have a solid excuse not to puasa. So did lisa. Being loyal crime partners for about 10 years, we planned to have japanese mission. We were eyeing for some sushis and california roll. I was drooling over, 100% attention on the colorful sushis till i was poked by someone. Ops! my ex fitness instructor!! Erm... caught in the act! kantol BIG time! Ahh who cares lah! He was making fun of me but i bet he understand really well. Looking good as always.. he passed me his bussiness card.. and that killer draggy look he gave was like a hint (you have to call me so we could plan for a movie) arghh.. me and my imagination!! hahahah.. but why not?! :P

We had a packet of sushis and the problem was.. where to eat?? I don't want to be caught red-handed for eating in the public! As we decided to go to Times Square.. we planned not to drive.. took the cab instead. We passed the first cabby as we purposely looking for a non-muslim cabby. (atleast we still have some respect!). The second cab was a chinese cabby. We started the mission.. lisa definitely will have to eat something before she consumes her pain-killer so it was totally understandable.. hehehe... me? erm.. didn't have anything since last night.. so before gastric comes and ruin my day i betta eat something.. yeke? hehehhe. By glimpse i could see the cabby was trying to peep through his rear view mirror. He might have a bad impression towards us. How i wish i could explain to this chinese guy.. But takkan nak masuk bab2 agama and haid plak??? bummer!! Outa the silence he suddenly voiced out..

Cabby : You tara puasaka???
Us : Kita orang perempuan ada excuse ma. perempuan saja.. lelaki mesti mau puasa..
Cabby : *scratch head*

oookaaayyy... not good.. not good.. i don't want him to have bad impressions towards our community.. but anyway, i was glad it didn't take long to reach Time Square so the cab driver won't have more killing questions to ask.. else lisa has to start her ceramah on this.

I did mention to lisa that my mission is ONLY to get a pair of sandals. Lisa knew me well.. she doubt it. I have not done any girls shopping for some time. Another male friend insisted me to get this therapy. According him, i need to pamper myself once in a while.. feel beautiful and satisfy my inner desire as a woman. I end up buying 3 nice tops, a lipstick and a lip gloss. Alas, the sandals i wanted to get, they didn't have the size. We end up "buka puasa" around 9pm! So it was our not so sinful saturday. we had fun.. mission almost accomplished.

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