Saturday, October 21, 2006

my new tb[oy].

It took me a while to make this tough decision. Letting go my E system was one of the toughest decision to make. It got me into sleepless nights thinking whether should i let or not let go my system. It served me well, my olympus gave me a great experience. I started to see things differently than i ever perceive things before when i started to own that dSLR.

But i have my own solid reason to change. I never regretted buying my E500 so does letting it go. The lense i bought with my new toy is superb! And it burst my budget for this year too! isk isk... With this mobile 18-200 VR lense, i don't have to carry much lenses in my bag. But again, for the love of the game.. i don't mind lose a bit, win a bit! And now, presenting.. my new toy..

... and i'm beginning to love it more and more each day.. Olympus in memory.. i still remember you. First love is always hard to forget!

next thing on list :
1) SB800 Speedlight
2) 50mm f1.8 Nikkor
3) MBD80 Batt Grip

aiyooo.. where to fork out money? these items cost about 2k++ (kan best kalau ada sugarfather.. ahahahhah! i didn't say sugardaddy! my definition is of course no commitment/intimate services involved. any such thing exist?? lol) and why in the world i ever indulged myself into this expensive hobby??????


on the other hand, just to share with you one of the last shots i took with my Olympus E500..

[click for larger view]


Amir EtCetera said...

Ginie cuti raya for one week.. Be back next week...

Safri said...

D80?samalah kita muehehehe!

before you buy SB800, i suggest you consider SB600, or 2xSB600 that you can buy with the price of 1xSB800. You can always trigger speedlights wirelessly with D80's built in flash~!

oh..btw, D80 with 18-200VR?whoaa!

xhazairinbudimanx said...

whoa.. new toy yg menarik. haha.. lensa tu dah cukup puas hati dgn anti-vib. ehhe d80 yg kejam. best. moga2 gambar2 lebih kejam dgn new toy nih.

marshmallow said...

safri: looks like i have to get it soon, then the cradle, then the battery grip.. hmm looks like its a never ending spend! adusss...

encik yang budiman: memang best.. cukup best.. setiap hari setiap masa teruja...