Friday, May 05, 2006

Lantai T.Pinkie teater punggung?

Teater punggung? It may sound harsh.. but hey, give me one wholly man who won't look at her "punggung" while watching t.pinkie on the stage. And it won't be so controversial news if it was nothing. Just imagine, they had to ban the posters on the billboards as it is so appealing and might lead to accidents to the road users!) I don't know how nasha's taking it.. a good thing? or a bad thing? heheh..Bagi sesiapa yang mungkin tinggal di planet zargus or living outside Malaysia, Lantai T.Pinkie is a play karya sasterawan negara Datuk A Samad Said about a life of a gorgeous cabaret featuring the beautiful model/actress Nasha Aziz as Tengku SeindahKuno (a.ka T Pinkie sbb dia tonggek)- what a name! She didn't have to shake her ASSet like shakira. But the moment she walks out with her tight pink kebaya dengan lenggokkan manjanye enough to glue your eyes for a moment. I have to say its hard not to watch her ASSet more than 2 minutes. And when i say teater punggung, it DOES mean that her punggung plays a 'big' role in the play. Okay, I'm not going to comment too much about her "punggung" here (i know i already did). For those theatre lovers or a big fan of nasha aziz, witness it yourself at Panggung Sari Istana Budaya. I heard the RM70, RM150 and RM200 tickets are already sold out. But the grand circle and upper circle worth RM30 & RM40 is still available (the play is on until 7th May-that means you have 2 days to go. Call this number to book : 03-4026 5558). And thanx to a very gentleman friend of mine mr.mikail for a front strategic seat ticket and being my company to the play! Please, next theatre is on me..

I have to give a big credit to the supporting role. Supporting may not other role such as 'azizah mahzan' as 'nyai sunarti rekno' for her be the right word as theVERY VERY impressive acting (she brings out the strong environment to the cabaret's life). And her jawa slang sounds like she's been speaking the dialect everyday. For her league, she looked very sexy indeed in that tight low-cut kebaya. Siapa bilang traditional kebaya tak sexy?

Besides, Vanidah Imran as 'Musalmah Jiing' did a great job as one of the perempuan joget di lantai joget. (no doubt about her capability as this is not her first time doing plays). And i have to say, she's got the groove.. dalam theatre ni ada rumba, chacha, mambo. So boleh tengok diorang ni berjoget pelbagai rentak tari. That makes the play even more interesting. Abby Abadi was not bad at all, although she's not as outstanding as vanidah and azizah.. I didn't expect Soong Ai Ling as Puteh Su can act very well in the play regardless her strong chinese-malay accent. She played a role of a mualaf chinese who falls in love with nelayan tua featuring 'jalaluddin hassan'. Being an audience who's really immersed herself into the characters.. i hate "Gunjoloh" (feat. Azhan Abd Ghani - who's this guy?? he is the bad cop of the scene). Everyone will hate him, and it shows how well he played the role.

Well giving out too much infos would spoil the thrill. And yeah, by the way, if you happen to watch don't forget to play extra attention to the backup cabarets as well- i'm referring to a chubby mid-aged lady wearing exxxtra tight blue kebaya doing her move. I'm not going to tell.. but everyone's talking about her as well. You have to watch her! And the short chap was so cute and funny! So, thats about theatre punggung. I'll leave you with this dialog overheard when i was in the loo during the 15 mins break.

Lady on the phone: Ish ko patut datang tengok! Nasha punye punggung.. mantap siott..Serious.. Dahle tonggek! Lawa giler dia pakai kebaya ketat tu. Aku tak berkelip.. bla..bla..bla..

Lady B : Eh, apasal punggung nasha kembang eh?
Lady B's friend : Yela.. ada jatuh sikitla.. umur dia kan dah 30 lebih..


regardless those comments i still think she's a beautiful woman with a great talent. And i don't judge her by her "tonggekness" but her years of experience acting dramas and films. And i'll be her number 1 fan as long as it takes! ANd LTP is not a thetre punggung, its a beautiful piece written by the noble A Samad Said featuring ladie with nice punggungs.heheheh.


Amir EtCetera said...

If only I got the time to go and watch... Punggung or not..

marshmallow said...

i still have the vision of punggung till now. yes you should.

Mpro said...

Epit cakap tak berapa best... and he said that nasha tak dapat menghayati watak dia sepenuhnya... best yang version yang sebelum ni... i dunno... dah lama tak tgk teater

marshmallow said...

yang before this tiarake? aku tak tgk so takleh nak compare. nasha awal2 tu mmg kurang menyerlah.. pastu baru naik syeikh..

Izhal said...

if i were the director, id pick maya karin