Thursday, May 11, 2006

A jawa melodrama.

I was a bit rushing today. The only thing i managed to do in that short period was took shower and get dressed. As i reached KL Sentral this morning i decided to drop by to the washroom to put on my make up. Suddenly i heard a shout followed by a loud bang on the door. It went on for as long as i applied the powder on my face. At first i was panicking wondering whether some lunatic went berserk. Few ladies came in for the same reason i was doing. The door kept banging and the voice of an indonesian lady(i guess she must be the toilet cleaner) got us all alert. But i decided to delay myself.. act slow and stay a bit longer to watch the whole drama. (kepochi gak aku nih! hehehhe..)

Lady : Bukak pintu ni!!! Bukak pintunya!!!
(banging and kicking the door). It went on without response.

Man in the cleaning room : Apa'an kamu ribut begini???!!!

Lady : Ke mana kamu tadi?? Ke mana kamu???
(the lady keep pestering the man with questions. And it was so loud!)

Man in the cleaning room : Aku di sini aja.

Lady : Bohong!! bilang kamu ke mana tadi? Aku cari kamu merata.. bla bla bla..
(i couldn't catch what she uttered because she started shouting in a strong jawa dialect)

Suddenly her voice started to change and shed with tears.. Ouh.. this is getting so melancholic. Everyone in the washroom were eavesdropping carefully. I was wondering myself creating and started to process what i witnessed. Based own my own theory.. Maybe she just found out that her man is having an affair with other woman. And working in the same department with your partner sucks!(well, it doesn't work for me!) Thats why i always avoid end up with someone working in the same company. Besides to avoid nepotism. My bubble of theory got bigger and bigger and i contemplated for as long as that the jawa lady and the jawa man quarelling issues i don't know why.

Lady : Goblok kamu!! bla..bla..bla.. @#!%&*##!!!!!! (sorry guys, i wished i know jawa)

Man : %$#@!!*&^##$$@@!!!!

Then suddenly, I heard something that proved my theory and diagnosis was totally wrong and realised the stay was a total waste of time..

Man : Apa an yang kamu mau???

Lady : %$#@8&^%!!!! ... Tisu jambannya mana??????

Argghh!! and the quarrel.. the melodrama.. the crying scene? .....over a toilet paper??? Wholly crap!!! I saw one security guard entering the washroom area. I applied my lipstick quickly and went off. They are all yours now mr security. I'm off the case.. Make some justice here. Boo hoo me!!

moral of the story : mind your own beeswax!

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bola2api said...

HAHAHHA.. ni mcm kes aku dpt SMS bangang hari tuh.. buduhs la sesetengaah org nih!