Friday, May 08, 2009

New addiction. I need it!

I haven't been running for a week. I miss running. I miss the pain on my shins while thumping on my soles. I miss complaining how tiring it is doing the loops. I miss catching my breath and slowing down my heart rate while running. Sometimes your heart is pumping and jumping so hard it feels like bursting and that point of time you slow down and take baby steps and tune back the rythm. Some people say running is a torture. Why? because running is tiring and makes you sweat like a pig. True. I couldn't agree more. Then why run? The feeling of post-running effect is satisfying. To feel every drop of your sweat on your forehead and the pain you bring back after running is indescribable. Then comes a new you. You'll feel better and you want to do it again. Running is my new addiction. Blame to whoever has dragged me into this.

Breathing is hard since my flu doesn't seem to go away. Its been a week now. There's too much going on this week. Being sick does not mean i have to be in bed all day long. I am going to run this evening. Or if i can't run, i'll walk. Just to get rid off some toxic in my brain.

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