Saturday, September 29, 2007

My new man..

I gotta a gift from heaven. Yes, I'm talking about that cute lil kitty - Lolly. Lolly was one of the good thing that came into my life this month. And No, I am not blogging about her today. I am talking about the white box with a red circle on it. A "man" that stole my heart and been on my dream-list this year. A man..frotto. Whats the big deal? Some other people might be lucky enough to get things as they wish. But i have been procrastinating it after one sad stories to another. Sad broken tripod stories.. thats it. I guess its time to stop the episode.

So I went to J One and met Jason. He recommended me 488RC2 series with 360 rotation ballhead.
There goes my $640. Just for a tripod. Some might call it insane. But I know how much it worths.


irina said...

a very very good buy!!! enjoy!!!!

ainul@cat said...

such a handsome MAN u got there :D

bola2api said...

ha! aku pun ada tgk2 kat j-one hari tu.. manfrotto tripod. tapi tengok jer lah

kaki jer 400, kepala buleh pusing 200 lebih.. mana lah harga dia sampai 600 lebih!

congrats on the buy!