Saturday, December 03, 2005

Jamil the catlover!

A friend brought me to Bukit Bintang and surprised me with something. Heard of Jamil the catlover? He's been aired and interviewed by the media some time ago for his passion for felines! He's not just an ordinary cat lover. Imagine, adopting stray and homeless cat, take care and provide comfortable home for 'em. Guess what?? He has 52 cats at home. Takes care of em, feed 'em, train 'em. He parks his scooter everyday and there goes the felines .. resting like no one's business on the scooter for public viewing. He's not an attention seeker nor using those feline for money.. but for a good deed. Public passing by who wants to pat or taking photograph has to donate some money.. Its not easy to maintain cats especially the cost to for its food, medication and etc..etc.. For a catlover like moi, i don't mind chip in money just to take a photo with them..

One funny incident happen.. i was so impressed and delightful to see how diciplined the cats were. They obeyed whatever instructions given by Jamil. There was one time where one of the male feline trying to jump over on the other female feline's back (u know what they are trying to do).. Jamil shouted "Not here Shakita, Not now!".. (all of his cats' name start with shaki..). And guess what shakita did? He, stopped his intention and go back to his seat! (Who can resist sex that easy???especially cats!) Geez, i wonder how jamil managed to train 'em.. Trust me.. you'll be delightful to see those fat cats.. Go pat and see while donating.. help 'em.. who could resist seeing such an innocent creature.. location? in front of Watson Jalan Bukit Bintang.. 5-10pm everyday except for Wednesday. Witness it.. I donated some money for these poor cats and took some photos of 'em.. For more stories of Jamil the catlover.. click here

These are some photos taken..

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Amir EtCetera said...

Ahh.. the guy with the cats on the scooter. Yes, you can see how the cats followed whatever he instructed accordingly. The girls in my office take it like recreation to visit them every evening.

Heyy.. you're already nearby my office yesterday. Next time, come and visit the studio.

marshmallow said...

bet, u'll pass by jamil everyday.. those cats are adorable!!

which studio? studio jalan ampas? ok, next time i go urut reflexology i'll drop by, k?

Amir EtCetera said...

studio jalan ampas? that's in singapore. I;ve been there.. although it's really in a sad state now.

Do drop by. I'll treat you lunch.

bola2api said...

these pics remind me of 101 dalmations.. except that now, it's all cats.. hehehe

tak takut ker kena gigit??!

jamilkucing said...

Dont worry la , all my cats already train to be well behaved , they won gigit you unless you pukul them,but only what can i said if someone pukul them . before the cats pukul that person i will pukul that person first heheheh.we use some bahasa rojak sikit looo.

jamilkucing said...

To marshmallow

Thank for all your writing dude, thank alots couse it good story about me. glad to here that from someone who appriciate what i do.

Anonymous said...

how is jamilkucing???

be free to spent sometimes reading in between the lines at

Its hard to belief at the first glance, but after reading plus some visits ... I strongly believed what was written