Thursday, January 15, 2009

New Year Musings.

Damn. Its already 15th jan 2009 and I only managed to blog about resolutions. I never failed to make a list of achievements and goals when its nearly new year be it on paper or just for my personal acknowledgements. 2008 marked lots of milestones in my life. Good, bad, tears, laughter, make ups, breakups, hickups list goes on. Met interesting people and also people i'm not supposed to meet. Met people whom made me laugh and also made me cry. Thats just how world moves. Sometimes you are on top, the next minute you are at the bottom. We are not perfect and thats why we are humans not GOD. The highlight of 2008 was when i was gang robbed. Well i don't want to start on that. I don't have a list for 2009 like i used to in 2007. I have achieved a lot of things and not forgetting enduring the pain of falling. You become stronger each time you stand up and walk again picking up bits and pieces after a great fall.

Here I am.. still picking up bits and pieces developing a stronger version of me. I hope 2009 treats me good.

- No more stupid investment plan.
- No more crying game.

By he way, hope its still not too late to wish y'all a very happy 2009!

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