Monday, July 03, 2006

I got phished and I'm pissed!

I always doomed with negative energy on Monday. If you refer to my previous Monday blogs there's not much fortunate and nice things happened on that day.

I still managed to smile last week. But today, i think i have a strong reason to be pissed. It started when i tried logging in to my YM this morning but my attempt failed for the zillion times! I requsted for id verification from the "forgot password and id" section (even though i'm solidly sure about my password). It was a jawdropping moment when it stated that the ID does not exist!! What the..????

I'm not going to write lengthy stories over that matter but my Yahoo account got phished. Wanna know what fish with a "ph" is? refer here. Whoever phisher out there who phished my account, something embarassing will happen to you today.. tomorrow.. or the day after tomorrow. What about... you are going to pee your pants in front of the most gorgeous woman/man today!! Or your dog humiliates you in front of the public.. or you accidentally wear undergarments outside due to your dreams over superman last night. Thats a curse i make today for giving me so much hassle and depressions today!!

My email is so important to me, i treasure those precious friends in my address book, the important email on my employment and some official matters. And ALL GONE. Farewell. I'm not talking today. period.


bola2api said...

i'd be pissed too if i were u.

at first, probably i'll feel numb the whole day coz i'd try to remember what i've stored in the email account.

but when reality sets in, i'd be doubly-pissed!

Hopefully the phisherman won't use ur email add for sthing nasty...

Izhal said...

gila la itu phisher... hopefully the jerk didnt get any financial info or so... thanks for the story,i have to backup my address book...

Amir EtCetera said...

Somehow, the word Phish reminds me of how my 2 year old niece refers to 'Fish'..

"Nak bagi Phish makan gula"

marshmallow said...

bola2api : you saw how pissed i was yesterday. I remember replying to one stupid "you have won a lottery" spam. Curiousity kills.

izhal : DO it now..

amir : it surely sounds cute coming from a baby.