Friday, July 28, 2006

More time, less work.

Ohh geez, its been a hectic week. I'm mad at myself. Its been a week since i blogged my last post. Everytime i open my blog, my hands are so itchy to write and my brain is bursting out with so many things that want to pour. Its like a boiling water that spills out of the pot. I've been tied up with meetings and datelines that requires me to stay back in the office. The moment i got back is already quite late and my brain seems to stop operationing and i barely spell my own name correctly. Documentations is always a hassle and tedious thing to do. A blame is on me for procastinating it. The auditor is coming in 3 weeks time and i didn't even prepare anything yet! But a sigh of relief now, my week of struggle has almost ended. But the stories, juicy ones, hot ones has almost expired.

My heart cries each time i flip the newspaper. And I guess Mawi can atleast breath normally after the awaited news of the Malaysian pop darling Siti Nurhaliza announced her love stories and overshadowed Mawi's breakup with fiance' Diana. (geez everyones talking about it everytime everywhere.. even my inbox is full with news, surat layang, songs, pictures and jokes about siti and Dato K) I couldn't care less. And i'm not going to write any further on it. I guess this news shouldn't be on top of the priority news. There are other facts and current news that deserved to be on the front cover. But erm, publisity and controversy always sells. We are busybody community.. or concern people? d'oh.

Had a long meeting with the consultant yesterday, and the project is coming to an end. We are going LIVE next week. Another sigh of relief.. i hope no hurdle comes in between. So, we had some pre-celebration and they brought us to Hilton KL Sentral (as that is the nearest best place we could think of). I guess i had too much seafood yesterday. The International spread was good. The hors d'oeuvre and the entree' were so fine and tempting. I don't want to think how many slices of fresh pink salmon, oysters and octopus i had for appetizer before my main course lobster arrived. The satisfying look i had stopped when i tried some unidentified organ until a waiter came and said it was actually a duck's liver. Erkh.. ptuih! lets stop imagining about it.. it makes me wanna puke already.

Funny thing happened in a train yesterday. I was being naughty. Peeping other people's smses. Don't blame me. The journey seems too long, the train seems too slow, and i was squeezed in between people. Where else could i point my eyes to? Well, atleast i don't simply open someone's inbox and read their smses. Just a liiiil peep. There was one girl in tudung sending a text probably to her bf addressing herself as "ayang" and her bf as "abgsyg" (abangsayang). I almost choked to giggle but i guess a smirk did came out. I kept reading a few replies but i couldn't stand it. The words seemed can't be accepted by other people except in their own world. Well, she deserves to manja-manja with her own partner ... hehehheheh.. and i managed to peep other smses too. I was so naughty. forgive me. I guess this is my workload impact.

Ok, i'm heading for breakfast now (my tummy growls and the next cubicle could possible heard it). Regardless my busy week, i managed to upload something to persetankan. I'll try to dig my external drive for fotowarung posting themed "abstract". i hope i can find any.. voila' a photo i took few months back for persetankan.. by the way, yeah i had lil time to write but i did upload some new arty here.


Amir EtCetera said...

Nasib baik tak muntah kan? Kalau muntah, you're caught red handed for peeping..

another thought.. maybe the person is doing it purposely to see who's peeping??..and there's a camera hidden somewhere..

OK OK.. me and my twisted possibilities.

Izhal said...

love the title of this photo!!! see the sky... its litted by si kembar ka???

marshmallow said...

amir : someone might have peeped mine too!

izhal : thanx.. yes si kembar's job.
ps : There's so many stab, slash cases here in nowadays.. it's in the news everyday. :( but this kembar did no harm. :)