Tuesday, July 18, 2006

2 things to ponder..

"Seismologists around the world declared a tsunami alert after a magnitude 7.7 rocked the seafloor.. "[click here for news]

The news turned my glowing smile into frown. Last night i was laughing and enjoying my moment with lisa discussing about our next travel destination. We almost booked a flight ticket last night and today i was shocked with an sms from her about the tsunami strikes that reached approximately 7 richter scale and killed hundreds of people. The death toll is rising. A total low blow that was. We always wanted to go to bali. And this is going to be our last vacation together before she gets married. We only plan, but we can't stop the force majeure. I dare not take the risk, neither will she. Not even my parents permit me to proceed. The plan is put on hold till further notice. Lets set it aside..

On another matter, I had a dental appointment last nite. And the whole appointment left me into a bubble of contemplation. Some people are born with a perfect smile. Nice teeth to be exact. I always wanted to have a million dollar smile. Some say i look just fine with what i have. But i'm just a human being. We are born with tendency to complaint and have dissatisfactions in life. A desire. (well atleast i don't do plastic or botox!) I thought i was determined about going to brace my omnivourous teeth. But after some short conversation and interrogation between the dentist and me.. i started to think deeply.. real hard infact.

dentist : hello dear, what do you do? studying or working?
me : working.
dentist : where?
me : ^&%$#@.. (he started to insert mirrored spatula and what not inside my mouth and it made me speak in a weird language)
dentist : when are you planning to get married?
me : erm.. (blinking.. blinking) erm.. maybe next year.. maybe next 2 years.. 3 years? (in a weird pronunciation --> how should i know?????!!!!)
dentist : why haven't you come years back to put on braces?
me : (what?? am i too old for braces??) erm.. it was too expensive.
dentist : are you telling me you can afford now?
me : (wtf???? try to control my temper) yes doc.
dentist : how?
me : i'm working now.
dentist : no. you go back and think.
me : but doc....
dentist : i want you to go back and think carefully, once you are ready and willing to commit then only you come. I don't want you to come back after a month and ask me to remove it because you are geting married.
me : (what?? did i say anything about getting married?) i am ready. i want to do it.
dentist : how are you getting married next year?? smile with steel covering your teeth? now wash your mouth.
me : (again... who says about getting married????????) but doc..
dentist : you can talk to my nurse outside. Thank you (trying to act polite)
me : (left him without even smiling) what the??.... (orang tua ni taknak duit ke?)

my conversation with the nurse made me think real hard.. should i proceed or not to proceed. I know i'm not the only one who's going to wear braces.. but will it look ugly on me? no. correction. will i look ugly in it? Will i be the next malaysian's top nerdy??? Why do i get so disturbed with the statement? whats the BIG deal? its just few lines of metal covering your teeth for about 600 days. Not too bad.. and who cares??? So what if i'm ugly.

I think i will proceed with it. Yes, i'm going to do it. Doc, my teeth is under your responsibility now.


looksharp said...

OK je pakai braces tu....kalau orangnya cantik ....camne pun cantik gak hehehe....

Haaa...tape la tulis sini.....posting kat bawah tu....The temple of dawn tu mmng cantik habis..i minat habis....liting die cantik!!!!

Amir EtCetera said...

You know my oppinion abt this already..

I see pirates.. yess.. pirates...

marshmallow said...

looksharp : we'll see cantik tak cantik later.. isk isk..

thanx for loving the temple pics!

amir : lanun!! here i come..

Mpro said...

Sorry... lama tak drop by sini... blog aku dah lama tak update... sibuk sikit skrang ni... pegi tak planet sunday ni?

bola2api said...


I wore retainers for like ages.. guys used to call me gigi besi..

tapi, after habih sekolah n all, semua terkejut.. sbb aku dah cun kot HAHAHAH

i didn't regret wearing retainers.. kalo kena pakai braces pun, i won't regret it. coz it's for my own satisfaction. kena ejek tu biasa la.. sekejap ajer tu.

lepas froggy bertukar menjadi princess, semua org rasa mcm nak ngorat kau.. time tu kau jual mahal!! hahaha..

trust me it's worth it.

Izhal said...

eh berapa harga braces??? pakailah yang rubber band dia colorful... heheh... make sure you brsuh after every meal and when you feel free...

marshmallow said...

mpro : ko pegi ke mpro? bawak baby skali ke? heheheh...

bola2api : hehehe.. bestnye. erm.. so i have to wait for another 2 years la ni... skang ni takde org nak!! uwaaaa....

izhal : about 5k. depends on the condition and dental gak. but area kl ni expensive skit. takut jadi paranoid nak makan or takut i'll be like cleaning it every hour..