Friday, September 15, 2006

The hectic week.

Finally! Finally! I finished my 1 week training. It is tiring to commute with that heavy big file everyday to KL. Don't mind about the physical tiresome.. but reading, attending lectures are mentally tiresome for someone who left uni life for years. Tuning back to student life is not that easy. Another 4 modules make me a certified SAP BWer. Ahahah.. dream high... where do i get another 25k?? Don't expect the co will pay for my other 4 modules.

I feel so good its finally friday.. its time to plan whats for the weekend. But i might have an assignemnt tomorrow.. will see. Or i might end up resting my back at home the whole day. Ahh... its a week before ramadhan comes and come to think of it.. i have another 4 days to pay my puasa back. Ya Allah, apa nak jadi ngan aku ni? So, i guess it left me with another fasting day tomorrow. And it gives me a strong reason to stay home. Mind and body need rest. So does my digestion system. Lets count the sheep now.. 1001.. 1002.. 1003... 100zzzzz....

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