Tuesday, September 05, 2006

A dedication to a friend

Life is full with unexpected things. I always hated surprises. I was not a risk-taker. Not a big fan of it. To agree or not, life is about risks. And experience has taught me why we need to play with risks. And life has taught me that we can't run away from doing things we hated to do. And it also taught me that not everything in this world would come my way. Don't expect an icing on a cake most of the time. Don't expect people will nod at your arguments most of the time, don't expect the sky to be bright and blue everyday.

Friend, i'm not here to tell you whether what you do is right or wrong. Neither am here to say why you should do this to that.. I make mistakes myself.. but don't let insanity takes control. Thats foolish. Friend.. it's ok to make mistakes. Sometimes mistakes are destined to be made. And as for human whose always on denial, have to remind ourselves that shit happens for a reason. Today you or me might cry, but who knows we will smile tomorrow.

Friend, if it happens to be a mistake.. IT'S OKAY. Give yourself a credit, be proud of yourself for the courage you put. Sorry if i was not being of help enough. I am not that strong myself now.


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