Thursday, August 03, 2006

Powerman Series - Putrajaya (30th July 2006)

Last Sunday.. i had to be at Putrajaya as early as 7am to be apart of the event. No, i don't run and bike. But i was there to photograph the hunky beefcake duatheletes marking their best time for this duathlon series 2006. I shan't say more.. enjoy the pics. ( I should've uploaded this earlier but time is always jealous of moi).

it was a super cool wheather

the main sponsor..

stretch.. stretch.. haiyak..

look who's posing..

3..2...1... (crickets sound) eh.. where have they gone?

aiyoo uncle... looking sex-say..

panning... (jadi tak?)
powerbar anyone?

its getting hotter and this is what we need.

awe'..still smiling..
dino in action.. before the incident.

but ryan managed to lead and mark his time first.

the pose of victory. wanna do it again mr. mendoza?

i'm not sure what his name is.. paul.. ?

our hero, awe.

ah thiam.. *cough*cough* (i know....)

me & ah thiam (i din't know he's TALLLLLL)

i wish!


ImAn said...

macam pernah kulihat kamera itu.. tapi di mana yaaa... hehehehehe

Amir EtCetera said...

where is putrajaya again??.. haha.. just kidding..

Izhal said...

panning menjadi!!! nice one too!!!

marshmallow said...

iman : saperla agaknye yang men"snap" gambar ini ye encik iman? *wink*wink

amir : its in north england if i'm not mistaken!

izhal: jadike? hehhehe... tapi kalau lagi blur lagi cun kan? tapi practise makes perfect..