Saturday, August 05, 2006

the best regret..

A visit to mid valley led me into something. I was accompanying a friend to a camera shop for an external flash for her camera. But it turned out into something that i couldn't pull back. And this is the most pleasant regret i've ever indulge myself to. Don't understand? Yes, regret for spending some massive amount of bucks on something that i've always wanted to have but been restricting myself from having one for the time being (as i have some other priority things to be entertain first!). But this regret pays back as tested it during my very first assignement on bridal photography and i don't want to return it back if i have the chance to do that. Presenting my 2 new toys.. my 35mm macro lense and my new 40-150 telephoto (i know its not that WOW! for a profesional photographer.. but one step at a time would be the best method right?) isn't it gorgeous? i hope its not a sin to have it now.. so macbook shall be put aside for the time being. Did i mention about my first assignment? yeah.. i'll blog about it later.. but for now forgive me for showing off my new toy.. *wink*wink*


nick and traci said...

wow, what a beauty. I am so proud of you for going for it!! i can totally see you as a professional photographer, tini. i am so excited for you. if we were still there, i am sure nick would love to "talk cameras" with ya. :)

Amir EtCetera said...

there's nothing to regret to a bold move on something you're passionate of. I'm looking forward to see the photos with those lenses.. :)

Izhal said...

wow!!! yeah i think macro is needed for wedding photographs especially to get details on the hantaran and stuff... does the telephoto have an anti-shake servo in it??? surely you could get nice potraits from it... just beware of the BAD BOKEH, okeh!!! :)

marshmallow said...

traci : i wish nick was here when i started this sometime ago.. he surely will recommend me to get a canon, right? heheheh.

amir : so much photos so lil time. I want to upload but have no time to do it. :(

izhal : and macro lense gives good result not only for macro shots but in a lower lighting environment too. Tele? i had fun skodeng people. Managed to get more natural candid with it!

b3cak said...

wow. new expensive toys! :D
can't wait to see more pictures. ;)

bola2api said...

nanti la.. tgh kumpul duit nak beli that 40-150 mm lens.

tapi sebelom tu, beli beskal dulu :)