Tuesday, June 13, 2006

breaking the silence..

.. i said i needed to defrag.. and i think i did. How are you guys doing? I have to admit there was a major thing in my life that made me sit and think real hard about my life. There's no need to dig the reasons for my actions. But i'd like to share with ya few things that knocked me real hard on my head. Somethings that made me think and ponder..

Scenario 1 :
I was in the IT store lookin for a wireless router for my home wifi. My sis has been complaining about getting online and i can't keep myself away from the bandwidth. Since the ADSL is in my room, i get the connection on my own. How stingy.. We used to have a wifi but due to heavy storm few months ago in Subang, it striked my ADSL, wireless router and my network card. It is on the bottom of my list and we've been procrastinating to get a new router. Last 2 weeks we decided to get one. When we were eyeing and bargaining for the router, i came across one article posted in the store. "Research in Japan shows that spending more than 9 hours in front of the screen everyday can cause sudden blind. " WTF?????!!!! Calculating the number of years working and owning wifi at home : 3 years. Number of hours spend in the office : 8 hours. Number of hours spend at home : atleast 3 hours. That gives me a solid average of 11 hours daily. Multiply by 365 days = i don't want to know. I can sense my eyesight quality is degrading year by year. Imagining myself having a sudden blackout the next morning. NOO! thats why i cut down wi-fiing.

Scenario 2:
I was in the car with my dad one morning. My hand will automatically turn the radio on when i hop in my dad's car. Why? just to break the silence... and of course to avoid naggings or kuliah subuh or whatnot. My dad is a very music conservative person. He only listens to old Malay songs by Jamal or Francesca Peter and the only International artist he loves are Julio Iglesias and Mayumi Itsuwa. He even dislike loud music. So, i turned the radio to a medium volume tried to be considerate anough. It was "My Hips Don't Lie" by shakira on air at that time. I love this song undeniably for the fact that i love the way she moves her ass. But my dad's action gave me another knock on my head. He turned the volume louder and started to enjoy the song.

My dad : Ni Shakirakan? Penyanyi latino tu kan?
Me : Erm.. a ah. (puzzle)
My dad : Lagu ni dah berapa minggu dah first on the chart utk American Top Hits.
Me : Aik, camne papa tau? (surprised)
My dad : Dia ada version football jugakkan?
Me : (scratching my unitchy head.. hmm.. aku pun tak tau!)

Yup, i didn't even know it is one of the featured song for the Worldcup. How pathetic is that? Then i started to realize, i started to become a music conservative now and that old folk knows more than i do. Where was i all this while? I used to be very expert in Whats On what Hot and Whats in and whats out. Used to be one couch potato that holds a remote control for herself over MTVs. I watch less tv now. Almost don't watch tv sometimes. Look at how it effects my life? thats why i cut down wi-fiing.

Scenario 3 :
My mom (whose not very up-to-date in fashion) once complained about how i look nowadays. She says i really do need a new hair cut. Its getting too long and ungroomed. "Macam orang kampung je. Taknak gunting rambutke?". Imagine that words being uttered from a conservative mom to a daughter whose used to take care of her personal style. That shows how neglective i am now. "Macam orang kampung?" Oh, thats hard to swallow. Do i look that bad?? (i have nothing against orang kampung.. but i know what my mom meant) Ahahaha.. I guess its time have a new hair cut. Skin? Afro? Mohawk? Any suggestions? Hehhehe.. No i don't think i need an extreme hairstyle. I guess less wi-fi and more beauty therapy is what i need. Its time to get pampered.

Conclusions i get...

More tv, friends and socializing, get pampered and less wi-fi.


Izhal said...

maybe you'd also need a lightning harraster...

fathers are always up to date you know... depa makan garam dulu la cik marshmallow... :)

Amir EtCetera said...


My checklist..

haircut.. done.

less wifi.. NO WAY

more socializing.. err DO I HAVE TO??

anyway.. jom tengok wayang. Have not been to one for quite some time now..

marshmallow said...

memang depa makan garam dulu.. tapi skang dia dah kurang makan garam, penyakit!

amir : jom!