Tuesday, June 28, 2011

teaser of my hip and happening couple

Agaknya apakah yang terjadi kepada mereka? ternampak t-rex?

ok, untuk lebih pemahaman dan pembayang mari kita zoom sikit dekat wajah mereka yang sangat comel ini.. ekspresi yang mahal dan tak boleh jumpa pada mana mana pengantin..


how to make a gif

Gembiranyaa setelah selamat menjadi suami isteri..

disclaimer : pengantin-pengantin di luar sana. Jangan tiru aksi ini kerana anda bakal sakit kaki seminggu dan terjengket jengket atau mengganggu prestasi semasa berbulan madu.

ps: shikin and syariz, you guys are fun and cute.. thanks for being a sport! jangan marah.. kejap lagi i upload gambar-gambar yang ayu dan macho!

Monday, February 21, 2011

We are now on Facebook!

Good news! my works can now be accessed on FB.. go checkout and be a fan today to get updated on recent works!


oh no!!!!

sigh. relocating a new page :


Pls "like" if you love what you see..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

FB Page has finally landed.

Today, i created a profile banner for my FB page. Yay!! finally i have a page for my photography portfolio. Mr bf, sorry its not that you have not been inspiring enough for the past years. I know i should have had my own page to compile my photography portfolio.. ampun... i lembap!

Creating is one thing, but compiling 4-5 years of work is another thing. I will try and upload bits by bits.. The best thing about my page is, I will include the vendors details as well. So, its gonna be a good one stop landing page for b2bs (bride-to-bes).. its gonna give a good guide for me too as i'm planning for a wedding soon! arghh.. nothing much is moving.. don't remind me.

Anyways, here's the banner.. what d'ya think?

ouh btw, here's my page's URL. I need atleast 25 fans to have a better name for the URL. So, "Like" if you like what you see!


Friday, February 04, 2011

46/365 | THIRSTY?

46/365 | THIRSTY?, originally uploaded by marshma11ow.

My first attempt on product shooting involving splash of water. Very experimental.. Perhaps an assistant would make the whole thing much easier..!


I saw this dog wandering around the beach... I was afraid to go near by.. but obviously he was enjoying the water. i thought he was alone.. no he has company not far from him.. even dogs know how to be romantic!

44/365 | SENJA

44/365 | SENJA, originally uploaded by marshma11ow.

Our weekend hideout brought us to Banting. This was shot at the fishermen's jetty, near Kelanang. I managed to get some fresh fish to bring home.

42/365 | O.K.U

42/365 | O.K.U, originally uploaded by marshma11ow.

Saw this disabled monkey at the recreational park.. but never underestimate this fella'. He's faster than any others.. Minutes later i lost him. He swings from a tree to another. Don't ask how but he was super!


41/365 | LITTLE 'REMPITS', originally uploaded by marshma11ow.

Kampung kids swaying left and right blocking our way.. couldn't complain much. It's THEIR territory. The real mat rempit in the making..


40/365 | YOU MAKE ME HIGH, originally uploaded by marshma11ow.


39/365 | THE WAITING

39|365f, originally uploaded by marshma11ow.

We were strolling at the park and saw this lady sitting alone on a wooden bench.. this looks sad. perhaps waiting for someone.. or something better in her life. well all of us do..

38/365 | IT'S A GOOD DAY..

38/365 | IT'S A GOOD DAY.., originally uploaded by marshma11ow.

Phew.. it was ages! Life has been full of colors and chaos. Bitter and beautiful things take turns to fill my chapter of life.. And today is just too beautiful to waste. Lets go out and seize the day!

37/365 | TRIGGER ME..

37/365 | TRIGGER ME.., originally uploaded by marshma11ow.

oh.. where do i start?
i've been in this position for too long.. its time to move on again.. anyone push me please..

36/365 | WISE MEN SAY..

36/365 | WISE MEN SAY.., originally uploaded by marshma11ow.

Life is not measured by the breath we take, but by the moments that take our breath away


35/365 | SOUND OF TRANQUILITY, originally uploaded by marshma11ow.

It was raining a night before.. the sound of raindrops falling onto the leaves gave me a great excuse for sleep ins!

34/365 | HAPPY FEET

34/365 | HAPPY FEET, originally uploaded by marshma11ow.

I had this photo dusty in my drive. I knew this project won't be as smooth as i expected. I was bonded with something and this is the kind of bond that makes me hate my life each day.. how i wish i could be as happy as these happy feet and run again.. Gimme back my life!

Monday, November 01, 2010

Anis + Faizal { Engagement }

Its the first assignment after i resigned from the company. Damn I missed shooting and not worrying about waking up early on monday. Oh by the way, I'm back to to the stage.. Camera, lights.. Action!

Anis is a friend of an old client who is also referred by an older client :) She is also the cousin of my old client, haha. . Here i am saying, wherever i am on another assignment, there's always a bump into familiar faces. KL is not big anyway :)

I just love everything about the event, from the dress to the food. The dress is simple but gorgeous.. I just love how soothing the color is! To Anis and Faizal, congratulation for stepping into another phase.. You are 1 step away into becoming a man and wife..

YB Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Talented designer

beautiful details

Another beautiful creation by Rizman Ruzaini ..
Beautiful bride : khadijah, bangi golf resort.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

annoyingly sweet.

I was not in a good mood the whole week. Work in the office sucks. I am on 2 jobs at the moment and it makes me a grumpy lady. But a girl needs to feed herself. One bad thing after another happened. The decision I made for coming back to office work did not turn out as expected. Being grumpy and stressful for a day is acceptable, but wen it occurs on daily basis you'll become insane! Mood swings turn me into an emo bitch! Yeah, i hate myself for being one. Nuff of office work, on the other hand I was cameraless for weeks. Weeks ago, the camera failed on me. Yeah, it sucks. Its even worse when you had to borrow one from your generous shutter buddies for an assignment. I'm not a huge fan of using other people's property when it comes to my assignment. Thanks to mac for loaning me one..

I have a wedding assignment in Penang that week but i'm not gonna blog it in this post but read on..


I was at the airport with mr bf waiting for boarding. I wasn't in a mood to think about how my shooting will turn out later with a loaned camera. I usually don't talk that much when I'm in a bad mood. We sit at the departure hall. I remained silent, he talked like burung murai bombarded me with technical questions about camera. I answered one or two emotionless. I got pretty annoyed with it and grabbed the camera trying to divert my attention to the camera menu instead of answering mr bf's techy questions. He still talks and talks like no one's business. I picked the camera and peeped through the viewfinder, acting like i was busy testing the camera. He couldn't stop talking and i wasn't paying attention at all to what he said. "Ish mamat ni takleh stop bercakap ke?? arghh!!"

Suddenly he stopped talking .. "at last... reti pun dia ni stop membebel.. phew.." I sighed in relief and seconds later something blocked my viewfinder and disturbed my focusing.. "okkay, what's next?????!!! saja nak buat aku marah tau!" i was about to burst in anger.. but..

Wanna know what's blocking the view?????

keep guessing..

okay.. only if my face was captured at that time.. my jaw almost dropped, i was choking air and speechless at the same time. No words could ever describe how i felt at that time.

suddenly he broke the silent... and asked me a simple english word. I remained speechless for a moment trying to answer in a simplest word possible but failed to utter it. I did wish i learned sign language at that time...

I can only afford to smile and nod..

Like a romantic chic flick scene, surrounded by strangers at the airport he slip the ring into my finger.. my eyes teared in joy.. and guilt at the same time! guilt BIG time, i tell you!

The ring was one size bigger and I decided not to wear it on my finger but somewhere closer to my heart..

I get the trick why he was being supper annoying.
Thank you mr bf! You are uberly irritatingly sweet!!

A definitely a day to remember..