Friday, February 12, 2010

Coffeetable book anyone?

I've always wanted to create a coffeetable book for myself, as in for my own keep. I want to document my travelogue and my personal masterpieces in a book. Again being a great and successful procrastinator makes its just a word year after year.

This time, i get the chance to test how the photos look in a form of a book. I was on an assignment and required to document an event for Malakoff in a coffeetable book form. I was skeptic at first. The template i downloaded wasn't convincing enough because i don't get to see the outcome like how i see in photoshop. Well we will never know until we try. Everything is done online, from the payment method to the process of uploading the photos. They can even deliver it to you at your doorstep, of course with an additional charges. But i decided to selfpick. Not being a cheapskate, but i'd love to meet the person i'm dealing with and look for some other samples too.

I was quite surprised with the outcome! It turned out so profesionally. Even though the people incharged of assigning me this job didn't give any feedbacks or comments as i wished (i even asked) for, but i think i know i did a good job. The printing company contacted me via email and ask me if they can use the cover page i did for Malakoff for their official website in the ideas section. It was delightful for me. Thanks to mom's backyard and her brilliant plant.

Sometimes, we just need to think outside of the box and create something a lil bit more creative regardless with a very limited resources.

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