Thursday, August 23, 2007

the angry tree

the angry tree, originally uploaded by marshma11ow.

oh yeah, i was sad, pissed and angry when i shot this. It was supposed to be a night of soulful colorful fireworks. but bummer to me. i broke the tripod a minute after the event started. 2 of my other buddies were enjoying the shutter release and enjoy the view at the same time. it was meaningless to me. I just kept my camera aside and try to enjoy the scene. But it wasn't as satisfying as being able to capture it through the viewfinder.

I must visit putrajaya again. Atleast i still have until 2nd September. My friend tried to console me by letting me use his tripod. And it was too late. No more fireworks. What i've got was this static tree which i guess he'd be laughing his ass off looking at the whole scene. But i think atleast its a not-too-bad shot.

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