Thursday, May 17, 2007


Photograph•her, originally uploaded by ekster.

I never knew street photography would be this fun. I spent my weekend photographing kl scenes and rustic places along the stretch of Petaling Street with my neighbor. Regardless the hot sunny day, get honked by the passers and strange look by the people.. we didn't give a damn at all.

This definitely gonna have a repeat.'s a portrait shot by my neighbor. he's such a talent.


irina said...

nice picture.

izad said...

Your skin color tone looks almost the same like color of the wall...greyish and did u make it..yes street shootin is fun...i agree with u...coz i had mine was fun and damn amazin...(actually mine was street shooting + shoppin)...hehehe

Amir EtCetera said...

Ahhh.... glad to know you're back to focus on your interests..


Ey d' lefty said...

I tried once street shooting but rase cam pelik jer as everybody was looking at me macam lah aku nih wartawan ker aper mende -- i think go street shooting with a buddy will make them think there will be a bigger something coming/ going on as there are MORE WARTAWAN around..

but i was fun, no doubt.


Az1 said...

What can I say, that's a really nice picture. The photographer is good, so is the subject. Memang fun jugak amik gambar secara spontan macam ni kan? Cuma rasa pelik sebab orang ramai tengok semacam je. But good one. Amik banyak lagi, pastu letak kat blog ni banyak2. ;-)

marshmallow said...

irina, thanks dear!

izad, i can never do shopping and shooting at the same time. The best thing can be 100% in focus at one time.. heheh..

amir, i can never live my life to the fullest without capturing my everyday life and do what i love doing most. well, u know me.. by the way.. everything's good on your side?

ey d' lefty, one advice.. "DON'T GIVE A DAMN" as long as you don't run naked on the might be on the headline the next day. lol.

az1, as i said.. i don't give a damn but at first memang malu la. but buat tebal muka je.. because when you see the result, you'll definitely forget the looks people gave on you. i'll try to post more.. thanks!