Sunday, March 25, 2007

saturday madness.

I decided to do something fun yesterday. I thought i need to get a lil "exposure". So socializing that was. No, i didn't go clubbing. No i didn't shake my bootie on the podium. Nah.. nah i didn't attend any orgy party and get boozed.

This is more positive than that..and i had a great time! met bunch of new people that speaks the same language, share the same views but with each own's way and shooting someone's nostril is not a sin and kicking someone's butt is not asking for a punch back on a face!

here i was..

take it izzi, people!

tadaaa! we are the flickr cup cakes!

mr and ms crumpler

asrul was spreading the fisheye disease. toldcha about aiming kazz's nostrils!

anna, me and riz had a tounge disease.

the spring rolls were nice! but i thought buffet supposed to be "EAT ALL YOU CAN"

me and eka making nasty faces! but guess i was nastier and kinkier..

okay johan, i won't reveal who's butt was getting kicked!

magnus with his BIG evil laugh!!

someone thought marshmallow was a guy! but none of these guys are one! naah.. guys, good try.

you guys rawk! and kudos to group admins and those who made it a success! looking forward to the next one.


Far-aces said...

pretty much sums up the whole outing thingy.

a whole bunch of crazy people doing crazy things while acting crazily.


ekster said...

That was definitely one of the more fun evenings I've had in awhile, and of course it was an absolute hit with you around my dear :)

bola2api said...

ini outing model ker outing photographers? u guys look good enuf to be models yourselves :)

go marshie go!!! hehe


marshmallow said...

far-aces, but i still do think that loooong lense of yours is.. dayum!

ekster, you think so? regardless your CK brief was almost ripped off by a hot lady? *don't look at me*

bola2api,i bet you had an awesome weekend too. And i know what you did last weekend!!!