Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Moon, the sky and me.

it was saturday night. And i'm not a party freak. So we decided to go out that night to have some decent dinner at hartamas. I ate like i haven't seen any food for a week. From potatos, lamb, cheese, pizza, telur ikan bakar portuguese style to a gelato icecream. Did i say, i had briyani for lunch today? So, i guess you can calculate the amount of cholesterol i consumed today. Its okay, I don't wanna know about it!

With such amount of food, chores that involved some physical activity since early morning , i have a solid reason to get really really tired and sleepy. Lisa was driving home and i was already banging my head to sleep a few times.

As I reached home, i glanced to the sky as i felt a drop of water falling on my forehead. I was in awe for a few seconds. It was a cool breezy night, and oh my god! the sky was not like any other day. It was cloudy with a very interesting hue of warm colors. The moon was hiding its face amongst the sourmilky cloud. My lethargy automatically fade away and my eyes were as fresh as a morning dew. And I was gazing at the beautiful painting on the sky without a blink and i decided to take my camera and tripod because this is too priceless to let go. The result i get was not as beautiful as seeing it live. I couldn't get a really sharp cloud as the cloud was moving due to the breeze. I took my camera, put on my tripod, set a slower shutter and took a deep breath before slowly pressing the button. I hold my breath, carefully release my finger and let the shutter closes slowly. And this is what i want to share with you.. voila'


Amir EtCetera said...

Oh wow.. that's how the moon looks like tonight? WOW..

Hey, just as long as it's not in print.. the pictures looks really great..

marshmallow said...

yeah, i think it was even more stunning seeing it live.