Friday, March 10, 2006

one hell of a day!

I know there something not right with me these few days. I thought it was just stress but i decided to pay a doc a visit. She acted cool but i know there's something wrong.. i have to come back again next week for further checkup. She gave me a pile of pills and i hate tablets! i hate medications! hope i'll be disciplined enough to complete it.. (anyone willing to be my PA for a week? hehehhe) I said to myself, i'm going to be okay. YES i will. when you're worry too much, you tend to think about it and you tend to lack your rest and sleep and of course that effects your health.. i'm going to be okay. i have to start thinking about my health rather than my stupid problems. Oh yeah, i need exercises and an activity partner. Holla me if you think of something good to do and need an activity partner..(something positive and healthy, please..) i'll be up for it!

The office made me me sick. I've been counting seconds for that day to end. The clock was ticking reeeaallly slow. And it was too cold. I was wrapping myself with my shawl the whole day. A colleague insisted i pack my stuffs and go back but being stubborn i'd rather stay for another few hours than wasting my MC. 5.30 pm sharp i got my arse off the office and force my weakself to the train. As usual the crowd was enormous. I decided not to fight for it.. i might collapse if i do so. And it left me and few passive people outside and the door was already struggling to close. I decided to take a train from Stesen Kuala Lumpur and that required me to cross to the opposite platform. And the trick is to face less crowd an win me a free seat. I waited for half an hour untill the announcement saying there's a force majeur accuring at the subang and batu 3 area. Damn! But atlast, I managed to get myself to Stesen Kuala Lumpur and had to wait another hour for a train to Pelabuhan Klang. I was cursing all the way. I tried to bare myself from fainting. I almost did. My body started to shiver and i tried to sit still, took a deep breath and moved my fingers to circulate my blood. Drop of cold sweat started to soak me. Another announcement came out from the speaker saying that the cause of the train to delay was due to heavy rain, a hurricane that caused many trees to be up uprooted. Geez! that bad? the condition in KL was ok. No rain, the wind was normal.. I wonder the earth is being unhealthy as i am now. So many mishaps happening these few days. One after another..

After an hour, the train finally reached and the number of people was as twice as mush as at the KL Sentral. I knew it was not a good idea to cross platform. I didn't get a seat anyway. No matter what, i knew i had to take that train. I didn't waiting for nothing. I have to say, it was extremely packed. People started to scream with anger pushing each other selfishly. I was pushed inside and i was praying hard i won't collapse or throw up being sandwiched by people with different kind of aroma scents.. God knows how bad the condition was. I need not to hold on anything. It was too pack to even fall down if there were an emergency brakes. It was the hell of 45 minutes and i was glad i managed to hold myself. My body started to ache, my knee felt so weak i couldn't walk and the crowd at the subang station was even worse than KL Sentral and Stesen Kuala Lumpur. Its even worse than a rock concert. I wish i could just snap the picture and prove it to you people.. I've never seen such a seen at the train station before. But heck! who cares. I reached Subang and i can't wait to go back and lie myself on my comfy crib.

My dad was already there wating for me and he said there's no electricity at home. The uprooted trees caused few places to black out. Damn.. another mishaps! Some of the houses roofs were blew off and caused chaos. And my nephew witnessed the stone pours (hujan batu) and snow. Cars were crushed by fallen trees and it was like a seen of a movie twister! Gosh!

Reached home and threw myself on my bed. It was black only lit by the dimmed candles. With no electricity, the house was so quiet. I hate it when i don't hear the sound of fan spinning. It was hot. I was in my office attire. Couldn't find a slight energy to change and freshen up. My condition worsen. My mom woke me up for dinner and it was still dark . I felt really hungry, my tummy started to play an unsynch orchestra. I dragged my feet to the kitchen. Tried to munch and swallow the food but i couldn't even feel my throat. It couldn't even swallow my own saliva The path is too narrow, i lost my voice and i felt a great pain. I was too hungry but yet i couldn't swallow anything. Threw my meal into the bin without even touching anything. I tried to gargle salt water and god knows how painful my throat felt. Mom suggested i go to the clinic. I refused at first ( because i already did early morning even though that was for a different cause) but she insisted, and i think i might need an MC for tomorrow.. i went to the clinic again. The doc said i have major fever. The temperature reached 40. And he gave me an MC for tomorrow. Just what i needed! I smiled in pain.. As for tonite, we have to migrate to my bro's house and reside overnight. what a day.. what a day!

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Amir EtCetera said...

OK.. Let's look at a brighter side...

You're doing OK... and at least the day gave you something to update on this blog..