Monday, March 13, 2006

I was tagged!

Gosh! I've been tagged! This is for you amir.. i don't think i'm tagging anyone..

Tag of 4

4 Jobs
1. Conteng computer
2. Kutip Hutang
3. Partime Blogging
4. Pembancuh kopi yg berjaya di Starbucks

4 Movies I love

1. Seniman Bujang Lapuk (all time fave!)
2. The Incredibles (i watch this family 5 times!)
3. The Sweetest Thing (i'm still a girl, love chick flick!)
4. Pretty Woman (quite an oldy, huh?)

4 places I've lived
1. Jalan Gurney, KL (it was like 20 years ago!)
2. Bandar Baru Uda, JB
3. Subang Jaya (current)
4. Tronoh (hey, its not that bad anyway.. a malaysian version of toronto)

4 TV shows I love to watch
1. Desperate Housewives
2. Sex and the City
3. American's Next Top Model
4. Friends

4 places I've been on vacation
1. Jakarta
2. France
3. Switzerland
4. Rome

4 blogs I visit daily
1. My blog
2. Persetankan
3. SelambaKodok
4. GiladBenari

4 favorite foods
1. Buttered Prawn
2. Spaghetti Marinara in Cream Sauce
3. Fried Mushrooms (the wilder the better)
4. Fish Manhattan Seafood Platter (damn, feels like having it today!)

4 places I'd rather be
1. Lying on white sandy beach, Pulau Perhentian
2. Walking by Oxford Street
3. Maldives
4. Anywhere in the world with Prince Charming

4 albums I can't live without
1. (hmm..i think i can live without 'em)

4 vehicles I've owned
1. daripada buat malu, baik skip je..


Amir EtCetera said...

Hahahha, thanks. Anyway, about the vehicles you've owned before.. Come on.. takde basikal? I have like 20 cars before this.. err.. all Matchbox cars la kan..

But it's ferrari, pontiac, porche ... etc etc etc...

marshmallow said...

Hmm.. does basikal roda tiga is considered as a vehicle? Used to have one. And I'm so proud of it.. :)

Amir EtCetera said...

Of course, that's the first vehicle I've owned as well.. It does get me places.. from the front porch to kitchen to get some ice-cream.. hehe

bola2api said...

tag ni apa bende??

marshmallow said...

mcm punk'd tapi method quiz la