Sunday, November 13, 2005

Our "special" coco powder..

We were about to bake our special chocolate cake for today's second family gathering.. Ok, first things first, getting all the ingredients ready.. We still have a balance of our coco powder from previous baking. But it wasn't enough.. Tried to dig our kitchen drawer hoping there's some left because we only need a few grams of it. Ahh.. found one!! But, i gave strange look to my sis.. she asked y.. i showed her the coco powder i found.. geez! Look at the date, my mom must've packed it together when we moved here from JB. JB??? oh gosh.. it was like 6-7 years back!! i had no guts to even open it. who knows there's a mini dinosour breeding in there!! Before i thrash it to the garbage let me just snap it for you for your own precaution. Check the expiry date before using it!!


Amir EtCetera said...

can I have those coco powder? I think it would make a really high chocolate milk. That would be interesting to try..

marshmallow said...

ahahah.. yeah..extra rich with extra flavor!