Thursday, November 15, 2007

IE ruined my day.

I've been designing my website and learning while developing one is not a very smooth workflow. But i managed to learn image ready and wow, can't believe designing layout into html could be thiiis simple!

I am using mac and rarely use Internet Explorer (erm.. just recently installed IE 5 browser as i am very much satisfied with safari and mozilla) Yes, mozilla this and mozilla that for my search engine and testing platform.

As for a beginner in image ready and not a website developer as in career wise, i am quite satisfied with the look of ON MOZILLA and SAFARI! Until one day, i visited friend's office and used her browser.. well, i had no choice but IEing stuffs. I was surprised to see how my page looked on IE. and most of my portfolio slides are not working the way i wanted it to be!!!! IE shucks!! (it should work as in slide transition rather than opening each images in another page!!!) but i guess i've got no choice but to redo it and make sure i test them on IE. And i feel sorry to those who still uses IE (i know a lot of them still do) You might want to consider a switch.. so peeps, mozilla it is!

sad sad sad...


bola2api said...

I second to that.. IE sucks!

anonymous anomaly said...

yup..go-go Foxie..aite?