Sunday, July 15, 2007

this is where i belong.

this is where i belong., originally uploaded by marshma11ow.

we decided to head to pulau ketam, port klang today for a different air.
i heard my friends talking about how pulau ketam could be a nice scene to capture.
so i went there...a half an hour journey from ktm subang, followed by another hour on ferry to pulau ketam was really worth a journey. pulau ketam is exactly as what i expected.

If you are into travel journalist type of photography, this is one of the must visit place. Especially for those who stays in town.. its suitable for a day trip.. and get back with bunch of native faces, abstract shots (my fave), a national geaographic style of photography photos to bring home.

heres a brief.. a wooden kampung houses with high wooden pillars floating above the sea. i'd say the major source of income there is fishing as 80% are fisherman. As i reached the shore of pulau ketam, the smell of fish swept by the hot warm breeze from the sea opens my eyes wide. I was so delightful to see how colorful the houses are painted. And some rustic walls faded with colorful paints really caught my eye.

i see kids, youth and folks mostly in bicycles as it is the major transportation on the island. Everything from shops, houses, school, police department, clinic and hose reel are elevated. The majority of the community is chinese. i can barely see indians and malays on the small island of crab.

Becareful and be extra vigilent when you walk on the small bridge around the village. Be alert with the bicycle bells because you might not want to get hit by one! You are dealing with pro cyclist! So bicycles, bicycles, bicycles are what you are going to see a lot.

did i mention its a good place for fashion photography too? well, off record we did some cam-whoring session. will post some of the cam-whoring session photos later..hehe..

.. to be continued..

ketam anyone??


bola2api said...

pergh.. i should have bought a house in Pulau Ketam.. that way, can cycle all day, all week long :P

p/s: the bike in your is how my first bike looked like. I rode that bike to school via a flyover every morning. The start of my love for rempit hehe

marshmallow said...

yeah.. all day, all week and you'll be as burnt as ketam! tgk ini beskal also turn on kah??

oh yes.. this is just too nostalgic to forget, huh?