Thursday, April 19, 2007

..don't look back!

yesterday after a visit to the hospital i decided to do something that could divert my mind for a couple mo. I know by forcing myself to do any means of entertainment shall help sometime (what??? forced entertainment? shall entertainment be something good supposedly?) well, as a matter of truth i have not been watching movies be at the cinema or dvds as often as i used to. I have a season of Desperate Housewives and Heroes which almost covered with dust stored underneath my bed. How can one procastinate "Heroes"? ahhhh.. i hate to mention that.

So yesterday i decided to give "Jangan Pandang Belakang" a go. Based on the positive reviews from friends and media (especially friends who has not watched or put their EGO upfront when it comes to a malay flick). So I asked Miss L if she wants to join me. (as she is always be my screaming and peeping through hands partner when we watch horror movies. We gave up on korea/japanese horror movies at one point).

What i can say, it gave quite an impact to me as in driving alone late night. Brushing my teeth and facing the mirror in the toilet, sleeping alone and wake up in the wee hour of the morning and being in the lift alone. So i forced Miss L to acompany me last night (i know she's not too brave anyway to sleep alone). I must say, credit goes to the young script writer cum actor himself - Pierre Andre and Mak Mah a.k.a the senile scary Opah. (damn she did a bang up job!) - lets give them a big Mexican waive! and we are still the scared to shit grownups!

ps. the lift was playing a fool with me this morning. Stopped at weird floors with no one coming in. My hair stood and one cleaner came in and she never looked this creepy with her black trash bag. I whispered to myself.. "what if there's a dead body in it?". My floor seemed taking ages to reach. whatever happens, i said to myself.. "Don't look back..". spooky.


ainul@cat said...

wahhhhhhhh..sungguh spooky la itu lif. are u sure the makchik with plastik sampah is really 'THE' makchik with plastik sampah?

p/s:decided to get myself a canon 400D as my birthday present. wat do u think? :)

marshmallow said... long as the "makcik" don't come and haunt me, i'll leave her alone!

good choice. you'll get horny soon.

izad said...

...damned..thats so scary d'mary which floor the lift stopped and the cleaner came in (is it the 13th floor..???)hikhikhik...i plan to watch this movie too..but since i read ur comment on the movie...i think i better cancel it..otherwise i cannot sleep..or maybe i takkan pandang belakang sampai bila-bila...

marshmallow said...

yes.. it's on the 13th floor. *hair stands*