Tuesday, January 31, 2006

why afraid of confessions?

i was flipping the ASTRO guide to search for the American Next Top Model program. Browsed the long list of February guide booklet but couldn't find anything under Chanel V. (pls do let me know if anyone knows when its airing) Somehow i find the guide does not do much help..

I was changing the chanels to find any good show i could kill my time. I don't watch TV that often now.. i would say, i don't watch tv as frequent as i used to. Used to be a couch potato before! The air is too warm these few days.. i just came back from surau for Awal Muharam prayer and think i'll let myself cool off before i head to bed. The holiday seems too long for someone who does not plan anything or anywhere to go.. am supposed to be on the sandy beach of Perhentian Island now.. but hate to talk about it now..

There's not much on MTV.. i've been left behind on the entertainment.. TRL nowadays does not interest me as much as it used to before.. still was searching for one nice movie to watch. Thats when i stopped at RIA. There goes "Dalam hati Ada Cinta". I bet those malay drama watchers out there will get the idea what this drama is all about. For some reasons i always avoid myself from watching this typical love drama nowadays.. i have nothing against malay drama.. i even avoid myself from watching any love story nowadays.be it english, chinese, korean, japanese..etc...especially when it involves too much drama in it! I don't want to get myself involved emotionally.. ahah! don't ask why! But guess what?? i end up watching that malay drama till the end!! Maybe because for the fact that i like to see that cute actor Ako Mustafa.. naah.. i was just plain bored! Believe me, there was no other interesting show to watch! I have to say, it was not a good idea.. having mself trapped in their so called triangle love affair! No wonder this drama is dragged up to episode 4! lemme just brief.. A and B are deeply in love, until C came into the picture. B let C came in between and sacrifice her love for the sake of her sister (C). "A" was being so so moron by agreeing to marry C at first whereby he knows he is so deeply in love with B not C.. there goes the complications... bla..bla..bla...

I guess this drama could've come to its final conclusion and ends in only 1 episode if the guy, or girl just express and let out their true feelings! and put the hat of ego down.. Its simple.. if Abu likes Minah or if minah loves Abu.. just let the damn feelings out.. why make things complicated?? I wonder it in real life too.. why can't one be brave and express what he/she feels inside to the one he/she likes? Why make things complicated and drag things till one day he/she thinks its too late because the girl/guy he/she admires already taken by some other braver or luckier dude.. you lose the game without even starting it..(don't you think its like a punch to your face! ouch! or even worse, shits being thrown straight to your face.. busukkan??) maybe one is afraid of rejections.. well, everyone hates it, but imagine how much time you'll save by deciding to go on life without having to waste time and energy to think when is the best time to let him/her know of his/her feelings? it would be a long sigh of relief to get the answer to the question marks.. Its fine if she/he thinks you are not his/her cup of joe.. the chance is 50-50, would you rather face the glory of winning? the pain of rejections? or the confusion out of not knowing anything? the latter definitely not for moi..

ps: erm.. not another series of that drama again.. i will not involve myself in their play-hard-to-get, tarik-tali, leave-things-hanging scenes anymore..

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Amir EtCetera said...

Err.. I don't watch malay drama.. And I don't watch most lmae programmes.. minus all that, I end up having only Travel and Living to watch.. Other than AXN (for CSI dosages) and Star World (for sitcom dosages)