Monday, October 24, 2005

Another train story

Disclaimer:This is not a jealousy blog as a matter of someone else's boobs are bigger than mine, its just a portrayal how lacking of self awareness can effect the other human beings. And i'm going to use the word ' t*t*k' (boobs) a lot in this writings. If you are allergic with it, you may not want to proceed and please close the window.

As usual i was waiting for the train to work. This time i didn't have to wait for long, and kindly gave way to this almost due pregnant lady. And that gave me a small room enuff for me to squeeze in. From the look of it, it almost impossible for another passenger to enter. I can see some of the later passengers step back to allow the door to close. A split seconds before it's closed, there came a plump indian lady assailed harshly from the elevator straight to where i stood. Geez i'd describe her as a moving
t*t*k as the first thing u could possibly notice is her humungous saggy flesh hanging on her chest. That few seconds of curse glued my eyes (and i bet others eyes in the train too) on her t*t*k. I got stumbled when i feel something pushing me back further into the congested train! He-lllowww.. doesn't mean you have gigantic assets you could simply 'molest' other peeps with it! I seriously felt molested by a large weird creature. Now her t*t*k is exactly right in front of me an her stinky breath acting like an aromatherapy scents as if trying to ionize the whole area. It really made me feel sick. I didn't wanna be cursed the whole journey and decided to turn myself back. Geez i'm back to my normal breathing.. relief! The pain didn't end there.. everytime the train brakes, her t*t*k will be violently pushed to my back firmly. To a point, my imaginative mind concluded that she just had a boob job and did it on purpose trying to make an elasticity test on it. D'oh!!! I think she might wanna test it on other object or opposite genders.. it'd be more appropriate and might be pleasing to the guy. I can't wait to escape the train, as the door opens at kl sentral, i struggled myself escaping from the limited room between her body out from the train and finally.. i was free like a bird. phew! I glimpsed on her and saw this one corpulent man replaced my position. Lucky him.. may the force be with you.

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