Friday, September 30, 2005

My crappy blog

Its thursday and another long day to go before weekends.. The day awaits by all of us. And its my last fasting day before ramadhan al-mubarak. Actually i have no motif of writing.. i'm just bored.. Felt like going to surau and take a nap.. but i'm afraid its gonna end up a loong deamland. There's another few colleague of mine whose also in the office not going for lunch.. Each with their own agendas.. one is fasting, one is on diet, one is a computer freek..doing some codings and stuffs.. and one is doing crossed-stich.. ahahhaah... here i am.. writing.. accompanied by you.. the one who reads my piece of crap! Yeah.. continue reading if you want to share my mind blogging moment.. or u can stop here if u think its just another crap by a hungry blogger who's trying to chanel her tempted mind into something else. Even though i'm typing here but my mind is still thinking about food. where to eat afterwards.. guess what ?? my fasting partner and i were brainstorming on places to eat to celebrate our end of 'puasa ganti'. ahahah..yeah.. u can laugh.. i know it's a bit ridiculous.. we haven't even started ramadhan.. but.. chillis does sound tempting.. after few minutes of contemplating moment on menus and stuffs to eat..from double-basted Baby Back Ribs and sizzling fajitas to a mouthwatering buffalo wings.. the food slide shows keep coming back and forth into my devilish mind..hmmm...yummy! (ok, people.. say what ever u wanna say.. Me and my lusty mind..) Astaghfirullahalazim...what am i doing??? at the end we came to one decision.. not to eat at chillis.. but ikan bakar masjid jamek! hehhe.. from a western cuisine to our very own local malay food! sounds good.. ikan bakar..with air asam..just for me! perfecto!!

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