Monday, November 01, 2010

Anis + Faizal { Engagement }

Its the first assignment after i resigned from the company. Damn I missed shooting and not worrying about waking up early on monday. Oh by the way, I'm back to to the stage.. Camera, lights.. Action!

Anis is a friend of an old client who is also referred by an older client :) She is also the cousin of my old client, haha. . Here i am saying, wherever i am on another assignment, there's always a bump into familiar faces. KL is not big anyway :)

I just love everything about the event, from the dress to the food. The dress is simple but gorgeous.. I just love how soothing the color is! To Anis and Faizal, congratulation for stepping into another phase.. You are 1 step away into becoming a man and wife..

YB Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed

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anis daud said...

c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s
anis+faizal on a step closer to becoming man+wife.