Thursday, February 15, 2007

omong kosong.

Health has not been on my side for the past few weeks. From a slight fever, to a bad cough that caused me sleepless nights. From the eye infection to stiff neck that made me walk like artoo detoo in star wars for few days. I guess the year of pig has not been a good year for most. I'm not the only one. Bunch of people from the office, friends and relatives have been complaining about their bad state of health. I guess the world is too tired with people like us.

Realize it or not, the calendar is moving towards the 3rd month of the year.. and i don't see much progress nor self development which i can be proud of. Lazy is the best word to describe my year of pig. My motivation at work has dropped tremendously this year. It sometimes makes me realise that IT is not where my heart want to be. I've been thinking a lot about doing my own artsy stuffs.. i don't imagine something BIG at the moment, but enough for me to do my errants every month, pay my car, credit card and loans, gas for me to move about.. i'll be content at the moment and the most important thing i can pursue my passion without guilt. My brain will freeze for any other thing than artsy fartsy stuffs. Now I realised that this is what i'm good at and this is what i should pursue back then. But i am not regretting the path i chose. What would we human do without the knowledge of IT?? So, I am now concentrating on my dream which I can put as "A Beemer running on a Kancil engine." very slow moving.. dream big with less effort. not good. And i need a push factor to force me in a good way to pursue what i want to do.

I have not been talking my heart out in text form for sometime. Blogging about things that does not make any sense to other people (sometimes it doesn't even making any sense to me!). Whereelse, I've been uploading lotsa those in photos and imagery form. That'd be one source of expressing my feelings too! But i do miss blogging about simple stuffs like "a guy with boxers vs briefs" or "my zits" or "the t-shirt that betrayed me", or "the cute guy i met in the train", the list goes on..

Now i am going to talk about simple thing. My life has already been burdened with complicated things so why not make this tiny lil story sound big and important. I broke my bed today. (Oh come on, its not what you think it was) but the bed seriously need a fix. I don't think mr calcium could fix my backbone if i still sleep on my broken bed. So, in a mean time, i'd rather put my mattress on the floor and make sure my backbone is on a straight posture every night. It does feel way way more comfortable than i thought! (no wonder the japanese practise it!). And yes, the very same broken bed caused me 2 days of mc due to stiff neck. Its too painful to even talk about it.

14 February, so called a V day. I don't quite celebrate it.. but anyway friends... thanks for the toughtful wishes.. roses and dinner. I don't know what would i do without my friends.. And to some friends who are still single like me.. put your worries behind.. its not that bad anyway! There's still so much love to give and receive. Make love not war.. (erm.. not make love simply to anyone!)

Ouh my blog entry this time does not have any theme or specific issue to talk about. This is what happened when i compress rojak pasembor, a steak, dim sum and tandoori into one big bowl! I hate it when i lost my rythm to express things. But i'll be back on track. I think this year is going to be the year of discovering my inner capabilities and share my creativity. It sounds small but it does give a Big impact to me.

the world needs someone like me.. and someone like you! and that makes the world go round. cheerio people!


Ey d' lefty said...

Dun worry bout the pictures or so-called theme in ur blog.. sometimes a simple blog without all those stuff makes readers feel quiet and silence while reading the heart of the blogger..

but.. come back quick with ur photo and theme jugak a.. hehehehe

bola2api said...

jom ikut aku pegi lari lari.. it'll do u good

pssstt.. it's better than sex HAHA

marshmallow said...

ey d' lefty, yes.. you are somehow true about it.. and definitely pictureblogs will come its way because you can't take that away from me..

aini, aduss... lari ke? shooting sambil lari bleh tak? and what about shooting while having sex??? hahahaha... gotcha! kang jadi "papa jahat" plak.... oops!!! did i say something wrong?