Sunday, February 12, 2006

The mural of earth

I was doing the normal routine.. going to work and the first view i will come across every morning is the heavy traffic on the highway, bumper to bumper.. but i was a lil bit early than any other day..i knew i didn't have enough rest lately. So many things have been messing up my mind. Slept quite late, but i had to wake up early that morning because i hitched my dad's car and he had an early meeting in KL. He dropped me off the train. I was babbling to myself due to lethargy and lack of rest.. The moment i stepped out the vehicle, my black eye shined and i was petrified by the horizon.. sublime! Is it like this everyday or it was just today? I sigh in regrets for not noticing this beautiful live mural eversince. From now on, this beautiful carpet of mural will be the first thing i will gaze in the morning.With my eye still glued on the sky, i groped my sling back and took out my second eye and voila'. What i see is what you get!
(click on picture for larger version)

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