Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Our Merdeka Nite..

The plain unintended merdeka celebration finally turned to be kinda cool. Planned to have late dinner at gazebo, but for no strong reason we made an emergency turn heading to federal highway. After a moment of brainstorming on makan places.. we decided to go to hartamas. better range varieties of food.. With my seasoned pair of jeans beach baby-T, we were at our mediocre plain-jane look. It was raining people.. Girls at their best attires and good looking guys eyeing on the hot chickas and babes probably for .. nite stand maybe.. We had ONE important mission to accomplish. EAT, EAT, and EAT.. we were bloody starving and managed to get seats after 15 mins eyeing around. The 2 selekeh girls ordered food like no one's business. There was a band there and it was bloody noisy plus the people blowing whistles and playing confettis. We couldn't care less about it.. when it came to a point where this one typical lass accidentally sprayed a pink colored confettis to my friend's face!! Poor lisa, she was enjoying her last piece of fungi pizza. I can still remember her facial expression.. it was damn hillarious but i didn't wanna laugh at that time, and it could make things worse.. What a bummer!!! Thats it boys and girls.. we walked away with pride and it was couple of minutes before the countdown starts. Managed to see nice fireworks from the federal highway when it striked 12! We celebrated new year in the car and continued our 'so-called party' at home..

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